The Seawing Ukulele King Method Play Either Rock / Funk / Pop : And : Surf / Jazz / Spaghetti Western / Sitar Styled sounds.

With a modified tuning, which allows you to easily play, any chord progression, in any key, for any song or tune, with just four simple finger pattern chord shapes. These chord shapes give you either Major, minor, altered or Dominant chords, that can be played with just 1, 2 and 3 fingers. Each chord shape is closely positioned - so they are easy to get from one to another, and easy to finger. This method incorporates a tuning that allows the player to quickly learn and play melodies right from the start.

Each chord shape is closely positioned - so they are easy to get from one to another, and easy to finger. This makes playing more enjoyable - as you become proficient quickly. To keep it simple : just follow the chord box shape as it is placed in each of the songs, and use the coloured dot framework for adding lead riffs. There is some music theory included here - but it is not essential to your being able to PLAY ! All 8 songs are 3 chord tunes : all with chord box shapes and song lyrics - which include :

1. Barbara Ann - The Beach Boys - Key F

2. Hang on Sloopy - The McCoys - Key G

3. Kiss - Prince - Key A

4. Mustang Sally - Wilson Picket - Key C

5. Get Back - The Beatles - Key D

6. All Along The Watchtower - Jimi Hendrix - Key E

7. Surfin USA - The Beach Boys - Key D

8. I'm a Believer - The Monkees - Key G

By using coloured dot stickers on the fretboard neck, notes to be played are easily visible, and can be played on the two high strings on the same fret position, with this tuning. Play the two high strings for lead/melody, and the Bass 3rd & 4th strings on the same frets - for the Bass notes. So play all the Yellow Common Notes : and add either the : Red : Rock / Pop / Funk or Blue : Surf / Jazz / Spaghetti - dotted frets for each of the two voicings. Set to either the Key of G or Key of C - your choice.

The Fretboard scale notes : have been divided down the length : This allows you to play the 1st & 2nd two strings on the same frets : and the 3rd & 4th strings with the same frets to play in each scale, of G & C :

The Rock Funk scale has RED stickers, and the Surf / Jazz / Sitar / Spaghetti Western scale has BLUE stickers.

: Both these Scale patterns come in the Key of G and the Key of C :


The CD comes with the tuning method and both scale note charts, in G & C and the 3 different coloured dot stickers for neck placement. The neck fretboard has all the common notes from both scales in Yellow, and which are the most preferred notes to end your melody tune on. And with 8 songs which are all 3 chord tunes : All with chord box shapes :

All files are in common formats : PDF : TIFF : RTFD : And will open on both PC and Mac Computers.

: Price : $3 :

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